Coach Lissette

Helping one client at a time achieve their health and fitness goals through personalized, affordable and achievable programs. “It’s a way of life not a diet”.

My goal is to help people change their life through a new way of eating. I want you to be inspired and start loving healthy and nutritional food, the ones that give you energy and make you feel and look good.  No more being bloated, feeling sick or not knowing what food you should eat to lose weight.

I will show you the way to a more nutritionally fulfilling lifestyle by achieving your goals and loving food again in a way that you never thought possible. This is not a diet this is a way of life!

How will you achieve your goal? Through my guidance I will help devise a meal and exercise program that is customized for your lifestyle and personal goals.

I understand you are busy but you have to eat anyway, so why not start doing it the right way? No time for exercise? Together we can find the time. I will show you how easy it is to change your habits into positive and productive ones.

You will love fruits and vegetables in way’s you never thought possible. I promise. All it takes is dedication and commitment. After the first 30 days you will have a better understanding about how food affects your life and feel the healthiest you have ever felt.


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