My story

I am of Cuban descent and as many of you may know Cubans can eat a lot!   We love our rice, black beans, red meat, pork, plantains, flan, (Carmel dessert), all kids of bread and chicharron (fried pork skin). Our only vegetables are corn, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.

My dad was a youngest child of 7 and he was the only one that believed in living a healthy life. He juiced, he took vitamins, and he did yoga and loved eating fish. I was raised with those beliefs and always enjoyed exercising and started at the age of 13. I was always thin and thought I ate pretty well. My diet and body started to change when I turned 30 and moved to NYC I stopped exercising and moved to NYC where I fell in love with their bagels and pizza and great but not always the most nutritious food in some amazing restaurants. In one week I gained 10 pounds! I stared working out in the gym, did boxing, steps aerobics, worked with weights and never lost the weight; in fact I kept gaining weight. Did you know that 1 bagel equals eight slices of bread! NYC gave me many great things; great job, a wonderful husband and it developed my palate for foods from around the world. I just didn’t know which foods where good for me and which foods where not and I did not understand portion control.

After a couple of years, I started reading a lot about food and healthy foods and started to get obsessed with nutrition and health. Simultaneously my mother had her thyroid removed and was diagnosed with diabetes. She never ate well or exercised. I knew I had to change my way of eating or I could end up like her.

Shortly thereafter I discovered Crossfit, it’s like a gym but better and with this came a meal challenge. The results where amazing. I learned how to eat, what foods agreed with my body what foods didn’t and I fell in love with myself again I went from a size 5-6 to a 00 and  27% of body fat to 12% of fat. Now many of you may think I was never fat, but it’s not about being thin or fat it’s about feeling energized, strong and healthy. No more bloating. I went back to my healthy weight I was before moving to NYC, before hitting my thirties.

This is my story and I can’t wait to share your success with the world. Join me in this new way of life, no more feeling sick, tired, bloated or depressed.

To help you eat right and learn to love food, again that is my mission. I have the knowledge, education and commitment to help make you a healthier person.

I am NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer.