I have asked coach lissette to cover my face and stay anonymous because of the type of job I can’t be in the public eye. I still anyhow wanted to write about my great success story. I met Lissette In Miami and turned out we are both from the east coast NYC. That being said we clicked right away. I was in pretty good shape so I thought and eventually I left Miami and moved back to NYC. I gained so much weight and couldn’t lose it for some reason and this is when I reached out to Lissette. We met again in one of my visits to Miami and from that visit my life has never been the same. She detoxed me and slowly introduced me to healthy and yummy recipes and I learned how to eat properly. I lost 20 pounds and went from 20% fat to 13% fat. I have kept the weight off and feel and look great if I may add. Thanks again for being a great friend and coach you will always be a great inspiration when it comes to health. I highly t recommend her for anyone, with any health goal. If she can’t help you no one can.



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