Ariana’s Success Story.

My story is very simple I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy and being from Latin descent I knew it would be a challenge to get my body back. I had been training for many years and continued trough out my pregnancy but the food intake was not the best. After having my son I decided to get help and had met Coach Lissette a while ago and knew of her success stories as well. I enrolled in a 3 month program with her and it was a success in 3 months I changed my eating habits and lost 44 pounds. After those 3 months I got inspired to go even further and became a vegetarian; in 6 month I feel and look great. Now I still have a little more to go but I am on track and I can’t thank Coach Lissette enough for the Inspiration, motivation and guidance. She was there through the whole process, whenever I had a question or doubt she was available and to this day she still gives me tips and advice and has become a close friend.

Thanks Again My friend Coach Lissette

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