Living an Active Lifestyle

Golf is a part of my life. I fell in love with this sport 2 years ago; when my husband told me “I want to golf on weekends and don’t have anyone to do it with”.
My first impression of golf was that it was an extremely boring sport but as I started to get out there and play I felt at peace and totally relaxed with the beautiful nature that surrounds golf courses. As a highly competitive person really wanted to excel in this new sport and get good at it not to mention you’re burning a tremendous amount of calories while out on the course and there is a level of athleticism involved.
Little by little I have picked up the game and improved but am not a pro by any means. Every time I play I get better and fall more in love with this fascinating sport.

Dancing is also a part of my life. As a Cuban raised I always loved salsa and grew up dancing and listening to Latin music. When planning for my wedding almost 2 ½ years ago my husband and I decided to make our first dance special so we did a Tango. We trained hard for 4 months to execute a flawless dance performance at the wedding. As a couple we continued to take dance lessons and have been for almost 3 years now. We also dance Bolero, Salsa, Mambo, Rhumba and Swing.
Next year our goal is to compete on an amateur circuit and keep growing from there.

Crossfit is the exercise that I found that for me helps my overall body and it’s something I love as well. It’s is a way to target every single part of your body combining cardio and weights in a very intensive workout.
Even when I travel I find a “BOX” (Crossfit gym) and continue training Crossfit around the world from California to NY and Paris to Rome.
I was introduced to Crossfit almost 4 years and was very intimidated by the level of intensity and strength and stamina needed for the sport. I thought to myself I can never do this I am too weak to keep up with the rest of the members. Little did I know that your body can adapt to your circumstance and build strength and muscle when you are committed to it.
I can’t say it enough that without a healthy eating healthy and putting the right food in your body the performance in any sport or exercise you do will suffer a great deal. What you eat is 80% of how you look and feel.

You as well can find something you love, whether it’s a sport, exercise or activity. The important thing is for you to stay active and when it’s with passion you will do it more frequently and truly love getting out there and being active.
I believe a healthy life starts from the inside, but the outside needs help as well, and what better way to do it then doing something fun and that you are passionate about.
Start living an active life and feel better with every day that comes along.