Lisa Drylie

My name is Lisa Drylie and I met Coach Lissette 2 years ago. Similar to Lissette I needed to change my eating habits due to the fact I was really sick and suffering from many stomach problems such as bloating, indigestion, and diarrhea and couldn’t lose weight if my life depended on it.  Also, my performance was weak, I felt tired and depressed. After sitting down and having a serious conversation with Coach Lissette and seeing the great results she was achieving mentally and physically I knew I wanted to try her “WAY OF LIFE” program. Thanks to her I am no longer sick and am stronger than ever, my mental focus is amazing as well.

Thanks Coach Lissette for teaching me how to eat properly and giving me the tools to continue on this journey.

I lost 30 pounds, but more important I feel great.

lisa 2