Success Stories

Success Stories:

I would like to start with my own Success Story. Lissette Anovick, A Cuban raised 37 years old girl that loves food and exercise. By the age of 27 my body stop reacting to exercise and I tried changed up my food intake and I was always very knowledgeable but I never targeted the #1 problem. The problem was I intoxicated and was not digesting certain foods. These foods where not allowing me to lose weight and preform stronger, with more energy. After lots of research and study and listening to my body and some help from my Crossfit workout coaches I lost the weight, got healthy, felt stronger and am back to myself, the happy self I was 10 years ago.

Here are my before and after pictures.

success stories

success stories

Before-135 pounds, size 5-6, 28% bodyfat.
After-107 pounds, size 00, 12% bodyfat.